Buying car insurance on a short term basis

Temporary car insurance, in a few short years, is now viewed as an essential tool by hundreds of thousands of users, and it is hardly surprising. Many of us are faced by situations in which we need to either drive someone else's car, or allow someone else to drive ours. Since the laws regarding car insurance are, quite rightly, extremely strict both of these options can create potential problems; not only is it absolutely essential that we have sufficient cover ourselves but we are also under a legal obligation to ensure that anyone who drives our own car with our permission also has sufficient insurance to comply with the law. It is not enough to think that this person is covered or even firmly believe it; neither of these would be a valid defence if we were prosecuted for allowing our vehicle to be driven whilst uninsured and at the very least a large fine plus penalty points, which could possibly even extend to a driving ban, could be the result. It is vital therefore that if any of us allows anyone else to drive our vehicle, we must be absolutely certain that sufficient cover is in place, otherwise we leave ourselves open to potentially horrible consequences. How do we do that? Simple. Inspect that person's insurance policy, or arrange some short term cover.

Certainly, many people who own cars themselves have a clause in their policy which allows them to drive any vehicle which is not belonging to them or hired to them under a hire purchase agreement; so far so good. Unfortunately this insurance almost invariably extends to the absolute minimum required by law; in other words third party only cover. This means that if there is an accident and your vehicle or any belongings within it are damaged, you will be left with a very ticklish problem over who pays for it. Buying a temporary policy can solve this problem since fully comprehensive cover is readily available for anything between just a single 24-hour period and four weeks.

Buying a policy could not be easier. Getting a quotation should only take you as little as a minute or so with a further two or three minutes necessary to buy the policy online. You could then access your necessary documentation, such as the policy details and the all important insurance certificate, over the Internet and download them so that you can print them out immediately. These documents are generally accepted as proof of cover should you have to produce this.

If you wish to buy a policy you will need to know the number plate details of the car you wish to cover, but if you are only looking for a quotation this would not be necessary provided that you know the make, and model of the vehicle.

To get a quotation please click the button above. You could have cover in place and be able to drive the insured vehicle legally within just a few short minutes.

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