If you want to buy the right motor insurance policy at the right price there are three ways of going about it; you can visit the websites of insurance companies that you feel may be suitable, use a price comparison engine or speak to a broker. All of these options have different advantages and drawbacks.

Buying from car insurance websites

Sometimes you can get the best price of all for a particular motor insurance policy by buying it direct from the insurance company's website although this is not always the case because very often insurers run special promotions with price comparison websites which can sometimes actually offer lower prices for identical policies.

The drawback is that filling in proposal forms over and over again is very boring and time-consuming, which is where price comparison sites can really score.

Buying from a price comparison website

The theory is wonderful; you fill in one form and get quotations from many insurers. It is important to make sure however that you are comparing like with like. For instance, many price comparison sites quote a very high policy excess - this is the sum that you would have to pay out of your own pocket for any claim - in order to make their prices appear low.

One of the main disadvantages of comparison websites however is that they can encourage people to look for the lowest price, and nothing else. Broadly speaking, we get what we pay for and often the lowest priced policy sacrifices benefits that we would normally take for granted. As an example, insurance companies registered in countries like Gibraltar are often amongst the cheapest, but the vast majority of Gibraltar companies, if not all of them, are not signed up to the U.K.'s insurance ombudsman scheme, which is obligatory for all UK registered companies. This means that in the event of a dispute you could well find yourself having to sue your insurer, possibly in a foreign country, instead of being able to bring in an independent arbiter as you would with a UK company. Also, some of the cheaper companies can charge very heavily for such extras as cancellation penalties and alteration fees; it is not unknown for some companies to charge more than 100 just for registering a change of address or occupation, secure in the knowledge that if the client did not inform them of these the policy could be rendered null and void in the event of a claim! It is very important therefore to make sure that you know exactly what you are buying before making a commitment. Nevertheless, real savings can very often he made by using a price comparison service, not least of all because some insurers offer special discounts to them, since they know that their prices will be compared to all their main competitors' offers so they need to offer very good terms if they are to get the business.

Buying from a broker

Buying a motor insurance policy online is fairly simple if you have a reasonable driving record, and you have a fairly average vehicle to insure. If, however, there is something about your profile that the insurers are not keen on; for example you could have a part-time job, your car could be modified, you could want to use it for business, the vehicle could be very expensive or, conversely, very low in value, and you will often find that you cannot get quotes at all online. This is then the time to contact a broker and actually talk to a real live person. The drawback will be that the person you speak to will almost certainly be earning a commission out of selling you the policy; the advantage could be that the commission came out of the pockets of the insurer in the form of a discount, rather than yours in the form of an extra charge; and since the broker would be very eager to get your business, and would often be able to negotiate directly with the insurers, you may well end up with a better deal on your motor insurance than had you bought the policy via another source.

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